Teenagers need music lessons? Yes! And here’s why…
I don’t have to tell you that middle school is a rough time of life. And high school can be, too.
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We are the most insecure, awkward, sensitive, and probably smelly in those delightful early teenage years.
Some parents tell me they are concerned about adding private music lessons to their teenager’s schedule because they don’t want to overwhelm them.
But I’ll tell you what – private music lessons are EXACTLY what any hormonal, angst-ridden, confused kid needs.
Here are a few reasons why teenagers need music lessons.

Parents are lame.

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Ok, we all know parents are not lame. In fact, we know everything, but your teenager doesn’t always accept that fact.
A music teacher can have an immensely positive impact on your teen’s life. You see, this person is an adult (who is not their parent) helping to support and love your child.
Music teachers can say things that parents can’t. They are cheerleaders that teens can count on for encouragement.
Music teachers don’t have the hot buttons that you and your child do. So they can have one of the deepest relationships your child has with an adult.
Teenagers need music lessons because of the meaningful connection with a non-family adult.

Feelings are confusing.

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Teenagers are bubbling full of extreme emotions that are going up and down all day.
Music is an incredible way to express that spectrum of feelings in a healthy and productive way.
I remember sitting down to the piano and playing through my Chopin book daily as a teenager. I still sit down with Chopin on rainy and frustrating days to help me feel better!
Teenagers need music to help process their emotions.

Music uses brain power.

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Playing a musical instrument engages the brain more than any other activity! It’s an incredible boost to critical thinking, motor skills and emotional development.
Playing music with friends or by yourself is a much healthier activity than looking at screens all day.
teenagers need music lessons

Teenagers need music lessons!

So sign your kids up for private music lessons, no matter what their age or challenging school environment. As you can see, learning music is more than just playing notes.
It’s about building meaningful relationships with other adults and kids, expressing feelings in a healthy way, and making your kids smarter!


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