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We’d like to welcome you or your child to our roster of successful students. Let us answer the common questions about music lessons in Western Springs, many of which are found below in the FAQs.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for music lessons?

Fill out our registration form and we will contact you to find a convenient lesson time that works with your schedule.

How do private lessons work?

Students sign up for a lesson time at the same time each. You may choose lessons of 30, 45 or 60 minutes, depending on the student’s age and ability. Your teacher will offer a recommendation for a specific lesson length.


Students come to our studio located on the second floor of the Grand Avenue Community Center – 4211 Grand Avenue, Western Springs.


Students log in to Zoom or FaceTime, depending on the needs of the family and teacher at the same lesson time each week.


Teachers arrive at the student’s home each week at the same time for an in-home lesson. Students must live within 2 miles of our studio.

Do I need to make a long-term commitment when I sign up?

Lessons are month-to-month and we require no long-term commitment from our students. You may stop lessons any time during your first month (although, we recommend trying it for at least three months before making any decisions). After that, we require 30-days written notice to withdraw from lessons.

How much do lessons cost?

Typically, tuition is a flat monthly rate that is automatically charged to your checking or savings account each month. The prices depend on the length of your lesson, so contact us and we will work together to find the appropriate lesson time for the student. We prorate tuition if you start in the middle of a month and your flat rate will begin the following month. Each student pays a $50.00 enrollment fee their first month of the school year.

What music will the teacher work on?

Teachers usually use a combination of music that may include a lesson or performance book, technique or etudes, scales, theory, and school music. Depending on the needs of the student, the teacher may focus on one particular book or work on school orchestra music at any given time. He or she will notify you if you need to purchase any additional music, which you can do through this website! Have your student bring any music they think might be used to every lesson. Beginning piano students receive a set of music books at their first lesson, which will be added to your first month’s bill. Sets of piano books cost around $25.00 and typically last at least 6 months. Strings books range from $10.00-20.00 and last 6-12 months.

As a parent, do I need to sit in on the lessons?

Parents are always welcome to join us for lessons. Some parents like to sit in regularly, but most prefer to drop off their student for each week’s lesson then pick them up afterward. Parents are required to attend at least the first month of private lessons so we can all get on the same page and establish good practice habits. We encourage parents to continue to attend if the student is under seven years old or has behavioral challenges. Parent involvement is a feature of Suzuki lessons, so if you choose this method, please plan on joining us each week. Both Suzuki and traditional methods are available for music lessons in Western Springs.

What should I bring to the first lesson?

Students should bring a spiral notebook, in which the teacher will write assignments and occasional messages to parents. If you’ve taken lessons in the past, bring any music you’ve used before as well as any music you wish to learn. This will help your teacher assess what you already know, and will help establish goals from the start.

What if we have to miss a lesson?

Students are allowed one vacation/sick day per semester, to be made up during the last week of the semester. After that, the teacher is not obligated to make up a missed lesson. FaceTime or Zoom lessons are scheduled in the event of illness or severe weather.

What if I can’t get my student to practice?

At some point, every family struggles with practicing. If you’re having difficulty getting your student to practice, please contact us. We have lots of ideas to help students of all ages find the motivation to practice, and can help you with your particular situation.

How do I see my schedule or monitor my account?

As a client, you can log in to see your schedule; review and make changes to your account information, including your billing information, request private lesson times, and enroll in classes and events.

How does payment work?

School year:

When you enroll in lessons, your credit card will be automatically charged each month. The first payment—which includes tuition, books required for the first lesson, and registration fee—will be charged upon scheduling your first lesson. We offer a 3% discount if you’d like to pay for the entire year up front by check. To inquire about our rates, please contact us.


Summer lessons are offered as a package, which you will pay up front before your first lesson. You may have beginning music books added to your account upon your teacher’s recommendation.

What’s the difference between the Suzuki program and traditional lessons?

We offer Suzuki Method strings and piano lessons in Western Springs. Please call Katie at (708) 638-3027, and she’ll discuss the Suzuki program and help you decide if it’s the best option for you. Also, check out this Difference Between Suzuki & Traditional page and the Suzuki homepage for more information about the method.

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