Listening to Your Suzuki Piano Music

Accessing the Suzuki piano recordings is a critical element of your Suzuki Method education.

Here are different commonly used music apps and purchase options.

Mattix Music Recommends…

We recommend purchasing the music with the correct recordings and artists. Your teacher will reference the same recordings and that is how we want our students to sound. Different artists have different interpretations and students will mimic whatever interpretation they listen to regularly.

What is the correct recording?

Our students should listen to the recordings by pianist Seizo Azuma.

What does Ms. Katie do?

Ms. Katie purchased all the albums in iTunes and can access and play them from all her devices. She makes playlists so her kids listen to their current/new piece more frequently.

Scroll down for paid and free listening options.


1. iTunes

The books are difficult to search for through iTunes for some reason. Click on the links below to make your search easy and direct.


    • Easy to purchase and download to your devices through Apple Music
    • You can make playlists once you import/purchase the album
    • Free with an upgraded Apple Music subscription.


    • Can’t control the playback speed
    • Purchase for $9.99 per album

Purchase Piano Book 1 in iTunes

Purchase Piano Book 2 in iTunes

Purchase Piano Book 3 in iTunes

Purchase Piano Book 4 in iTunes

Purchase Piano Book 5 in iTunes

Purchase Piano Book 6 in iTunes

Purchase Piano Book 7 in iTunes

2. Amazon

Click on “Buy mp3 album” (the yellow button)


    • Easy purchase if you have an Amazon Prime account
    • Play your purchased music through Amazon Music
    • Included in Amazon Music Unlimited subscription


    • $8.99 per album
    • You still may need to download your purchased music to your computer and sync with your devices if you don’t have an Amazon Music subscription.

Purchase Book 1 on Amazon

Purchase Book 2 on Amazon

Purchase Book 3 on Amazon

Purchase Book 4 on Amazon

Purchase Book 5 on Amazon

Purchase Book 6 on Amazon

Purchase Book 7 on Amazon


1. YouTube

Search for “Suzuki Piano Livro 1”. The best recordings on YouTube are posted from an account that is in Portuguese.


    • Web-based, easily accessed on any device
    • Control the playback speed for slower practice
    • Free


    • Ads, pop-ups, auto-plays
    • Recordings are not Seizo Azuma, so the interpretation may be different from what your teacher wants.

Playlist for Books 1-2

Playlist for Books 3-4

Playlist for Books 2-7

Listen to Book 2

Listen to Book 3

Listen to Book 4

Listen to Book 5

Listen to Book 6

Listen to Book 7

2. Spotify 

Search for “Suzuki Piano Book 1”


    • Included in subscription
    • Easy to stream and access on many devices


    • Hodge podge of different recordings pieced together in playlists. 
    • Recordings are not Seizo Azuma, so the interpretation may be different from what your teacher wants.

Need help navigating your Suzuki listening?

Reach out!

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