summer music lessons

It’s almost summer! Hooray!

The weather is getting warmer, kids are wearing flip flops, school is almost out and families are gearing up for vacation season. Here’s a big question –

Have you thought about summer music lessons?

Parents know that kids forget approximately 97% of all learning in the three months or so they are out of school. Here is a chart to demonstrate:

summer music lessons


Those adorable children only use math to calculate how much money the require from your pocket to get a cone from the ice cream man. They only use psychology to talk you into allowing one more sleepover. They only use reading and writing skills to write their name on your car with chalk.

But we music teachers would like to engage their growing minds throughout the entire year. Here’s why we think summer music lessons are important:


summer music lessons

Avoid Frustration

After kids work a whole school year to achieve wonderful results and have a thrilling performance at spring recitals, they often forget everything over the summer. It can take months to recover from a summer backslide and students can become frustrated and “lose interest” in an activity that they used to really enjoy. Summer music lessons will give kids a happy, rewarding feeling when they get back to school in the fall.


summer music lessons

Retain Muscle Memory

Musicians are athletes. We need to retain muscle memory in our bodies to be able to play our instruments. Do you think professional football players take the summer off? No way! They’re training harder than ever to get ahead during the summer months. Students in band and orchestra can learn new skills to thrive in the competitive school ensembles. They will benefit greatly from summer music lessons!


summer music lessons

Build Focus & Self-Discipline

When kids are free to party and their brain is slowly turning into video game mush, it is very healthy to have a time for them to practice focus and self-discipline. This will enable them to sync back into school activities quickly in the fall and helps their brains continue to develop and mature.


summer music lessons

Have Fun

Summer can be a great time to play extra fun music like movie soundtracks or radio hits. Explore your child’s interests by finding new music to try and going to lots of concerts. Many outdoor concerts are free in the summer!

Go see the local symphony or opera company perform in the park and have wonderful family-focused musical experiences to remember. My family and friends are looking forward to visiting the Ravinia Festival and many concerts at Grant Park in Chicago this summer.

Sign up for summer lessons at your local studio, especially Mattix Music Studio, and have fun!
Looking for lessons in Sycamore, IL or the western suburbs of Chicago? Summer registration is open at Mattix Music Studio! Click here for more information or contact us anytime!