Preparing for Online Violin Lessons at Mattix Music Studio


Thank you for reading over our guidelines before your online violin lesson. 


Camera Placement & Positioning:


  • Parents should have their hands free for the lesson so find a way to prop up your phone/tablet so the teacher can see the student from at least the waist up. A tripod may be helpful if you own one already.



  • Young students should have their foot chart ready and the camera centered on that space.



  • Students with a music stand need the camera positioned so your teacher can see the fingers and bow arm.



  • Your teacher may ask you to zoom in on your students fingers and hand so they can see more detail in their violin or bow hold.



  • Young children will have the usual sitting breaks in between standing with their violin, so be prepared to move the camera view up and down depending on the activity.



  • Students may need help finding measure numbers or specific notes in their music that the teacher would normally point out. The parent will be the assistant to guide the student and help them understand what their teacher is asking.


We are looking forward to seeing you soon for our next online violin lesson!

Don’t forget – your teacher is your greatest resource and biggest fan. Talk with him or her about any questions, recommendation, concerns or problems you’re experiencing.

Thank you for all you do to support your child making music!