Now we know that good music practice comes from being consistent and valuing the incredible power of music practice. Last in our series is…

Music practice key #3

You need to come to practicing with the mentality of being a co-learner, not a policeman.
We want them to use their natural curiosity about the world to their benefit. We want to nourish their ability to make discoveries and ask questions.
Sit with them in a calm and quiet attitude and help them to become self-propelled learners. When they make a discovery or breakthrough, they’re naturally motivated to continue—without threats, bribes or coercion!
And you need to celebrate every accomplishment! Give hugs, high fives, high praise when they overcome a hard spot in their music, or perfect a beautiful melodic phrase. Brag about them in front of other adults – not just about their ability to play, but about their drive to work hard and how they persevered through a challenge.
Use your teacher as a resource to break up their assignments into small, achievable goals for you to work on for the week and guide your child lovingly and gently toward taking more and more personal responsibility for their practice time.
Then sit back and watch your precious children grow and thrive through challenges, self-correct and gain confidence in everything they do the rest of their lives. Watch yourself become a better parent and a better person as you set an example for them.
Can we afford not to approach practice music this way?

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