As we’re in the midst of the school year, you may be finding that practice time is getting to be more of a challenge. “Why does it have to be so hard to get my kid to practice?” you might ask.

I’m a new parent, so I’m definitely no expert. But one thing I’ve learned from being in charge of a baby is that generally, humans don’t like to work hard unless they have to.

This is most clear when Clara is doing “tummy time.” She is supposed to spend a certain number of minutes per day on her tummy so she can build muscles and eventually learn how to crawl.

Unfortunately, Clara does NOT like tummy time. She would be the first to tell you that practice is hard! Well, she would if she could talk…

Clara’s View–“Practice is hard!”

She starts off pretty happy…

  practice is hard 1

Then she moves to concern…

Practice is hard 2

Which turns to anger…

Practice is hard 3

And finally, defeat.

Practice is hard 4

Then Extremely Mean Mom flips her over and all is right with the world.

Practice is hard 5

Parent’s View–“Practice is hard!”

What Clara doesn’t know yet, is that once she gets stronger, she’ll be able to sit up and play, empty all the cupboards, and chase the cat, which is going to be worth it!

I’m guessing that you all have seen or experienced this little microcosm in your own house when you’re trying to get your kids to practice regularly.

It’s not always fun as a parent, but we try to do what’s best for our kids.

By the way, if you are an adult student, you may not actually be crying by the end. But haven’t we all felt frustrated at having to work hard for something that doesn’t necessarily yield immediate results? Or procrastinated doing something because we knew it was going to be difficult?

Whether you’re six or sixty-six, practice is hard. But here are some things to think about…

Practice is hard, but the reward is great!

When we encourage our kids to practice (or struggle through all-out battles), we’re teaching them how to persevere through difficult challenges.

Some things take a lot of work. But, what a great reward at the end!

You and your kids will get to experience the joy of

  • performing a piece of music well,
  • conquering goals throughout life,
  • achieving better focus at work and school,
  • meeting deadlines through discipline, and
  • appreciating music and art on a much deeper level.

In the wise words of Lyndsey, a 6-year-old piano student:

“I work hard at piano. If you work hard, you learn the music faster and it’s easier!”

We get to model to our families practice is hard, but it will payoff.

So, keep up the good work everyone!

We teachers are so proud of you!

Practice hard,


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