Music Together— We are very excited to offer early childhood music classes at Mattix Music Studio in Sycamore and Western Springs.

Music together

Music Together training graduates!
Ashley, Christine, founder Lily Levinowitz, and Katie

Katie, Christine, and Ashley have all gone through training and are registered Music Together teachers.

What is Music Together?
Music Together is a music program for infants to age five and their families.
Children get to experience musical, personal and scholastic growth while bonding with their caregivers. Who could ask for more?
The classes are taught by highly trained, highly qualified individuals who are not only outstanding musicians, but also very caring people. Their highest priority is your childrens’ enjoyment of music and to encourage their personal growth.
Music Together classes are also extremely fun for children, grown-ups, and teachers alike!
Why Music Together?
There are lots of different programs out there, so why did we choose Music Together?
Music Together is an extraordinary program. The music is award-winning and the curriculum is based on 25 years of intensive research on neurological, musical and familial growth for children and their caregivers.
Also, the music is very rich and diverse. Each class offers original pieces, folk songs from around the world, different modes and meters, and even elements of contemporary music that we adults might not be familiar with.
And you may be surprised to hear it, but, unlike some other programs, even adults don’t get tired of listening to the music!
It’s so much fun and so varied, with award-winning recordings of original pieces and arrangements, you won’t get sick of it!
Families who sign up receive:
  • two CDs (soon to be a CD and download) of the Music Together songs for the year
  • a DVD
  • information about the program
  • a music book with all the collection’s music
  • creative suggestions for how to have fun with music at home
Who can come to Music Together?
All the Music Together classes are mixed ages, which means, there may be infants, toddlers, and even older siblings coming to the same class.
And the grown-up doesn’t have to just be mommy! Anyone can bring children, including dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and babysitters.
Why mixed ages?
It’s no secret that children learn the best from each other, as well as from their parents.
Children from different ages will learn completely different things from the same piece of music, and will grow by watching other children learn and experiment.
Bring the whole family!
How do we sign up for Music Together?
Click here to sign-up for for Western Springs.
Click here to sign-up in Sycamore.
Please feel free to tell your friends with young children about our Music Together classes.
We are so excited to help families grow musically, developmentally, and with love for each other.