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Suzuki cello instruction tuned to each student’s needs.

Suzuki cello lessons are at the heart of Mattix Music Studio. Our location is the premier music instruction facility in Chicago’s western suburbs.

We help every student learn in the way that’s most effective for them. Our students look forward to each lesson. They enjoy practicing. As it’s appropriate, they develop into confident performers.

Call or visit our studio if you’re interested in cello lessons. You’ll like what you hear.

Suzuki Cello Lessons

Private Lessons

We offer weekly one-on-one Suzuki cello lessons at our Western Springs studio, located at the Christian Reformed Church at 5140 Wolf Road.

Students can choose lessons of 30, 45 or 60 minutes, depending on their age and ability. We’ll help you determine the appropriate lesson length when we schedule your individual time.

Group Lessons

We hold several group classes for Suzuki cello throughout the school year. During these classes, students gather together to learn and perform for each other.

Older students will have a performance opportunity. The younger students will also have time to play their instruments together. And younger students will be inspired and encouraged when they here more advanced players.

Parents also join an informational session for how to help their child practice at home. This mini-workshop is designed to give the practice parents new ideas that will invigorate them as they work with their kids each day.

We recommend downloading the Suzuki Violin School Volume 1 album and listening to it before beginning violin lessons.

For more information about our Suzuki Violin program, please click here.

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Suzuki Violin lessons
Professional instruction from:
Valerie Schierl

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