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Currently Enrolled Private Students


Confirm your lessons between June 6th and August 13th!

Click on your teacher’s schedule to confirm your summer lesson reservation.

Can I change my lesson time for the summer and next school year?

We have a waiting list of families who want to change lesson times in the summer and next fall.


Indicate which weeks you would like to do summer lessons on your form. Then select the box saying you want to change times. We will put you on our waiting list and check to see if your teacher has other times available for you.


 You’ll be notified if and when another lesson time becomes available with your teacher. Because lesson times operate in ongoing enrollment, any lesson time move will be a long term commitment.

Can I change my lesson time during the summer and then go back to my old time in the school year?


Short answer: It’s risky.

We have a waiting list of several new families who want to join Mattix Music Studio and who will take your spot if you move out of it.

Your lesson time is reserved indefinitely, so if you move, it’s unlikely you’ll get it back.

However, you’re welcome to contact our office and be put on a waiting list for changing lesson days and times, should any spot become available. You never know!

Email info@mattixmusic.com with your lesson time request if you want to go on the waiting list and confirm your current time to make sure you keep your spot.

Summer Studio Policy

Currently Enrolled Private Students

Mattix Music Studio provides students ongoing enrollment and your lesson time will continue indefinitely unless you request to change times or we get 30-days notice of your withdrawal.

If you are currently on Mondays at 4pm, your summer lesson time will be Mondays at 4pm and your lesson time for the next school year will be Mondays at 4pm. If you need to change lesson times, simply contact our office for other options.

Students are automatically enrolled in recurring weekly lessons every week during the summer at their usually scheduled lesson time. Parents need to submit a summer schedule form indicating any weeks that should be taken off your student’s schedule by May 10th. On May 10th, whatever lessons are on your schedule will be charged to the payment method on file. Summer tuition is refundable until June 7, 2022.

Students must purchase a minimum of 6 lessons (or the hourly equivalent) during the summer in order to keep their teacher and lesson time in the following school year. There will be no need to re-enroll for the fall and your lesson time will continue with your teacher in the fall. Your family will love being able to plan ahead and schedule your other activities around music lessons that stay the same!

If students purchase fewer than 6 lessons during the summer, they must re-enroll for a private lesson time on August 1st and your spot is not guaranteed.

 If you will not purchase any summer lessons, you need to give us 30-days notice of your withdrawal by May 7, 2022. You will need to re-enroll for a lesson time on August 1st and your spot is not guaranteed.

Click here to read our full Summer Studio Policy. 


All in-studio lessons and classes held at the Grand Avenue Community Center

4211 Grand Avenue, Western Springs, IL 60558.



It’s great to start music lessons in the summer when the kids have more time to practice!
Jenny, parent

If we don’t take lessons through the summer, my kids forget everything!
Mike, parent