Drumming classes for Age 4 through 2nd Grade


Sing, dance, drum, and learn about the music of cultures from around the world with your teacher and friends!


Weekly 45-minute classes for ages 4-8.


Class Time:

Mondays 4:00-4:45pm



September 19-November 21, 2022



Ms. Brenna


Class Limit: 8



$265.00 per Family 


Djembe Drum Required:

Students need to bring a djembe drum each week to class.

You may rent a djembe from us for $20.00 per semester or purchase your own.

Students will be charged a $65.00 replacement fee for damaged, lost or stolen drums.


Hippo Song Collection:

Your child will have a great time drumming, singing, moving to new rhythms, and playing sticks, egg shakers, and music games.

This semester, we’ll explore the Hippo Rhythm with drumming patterns from Ghana, heard on “Gahu Ee.”

The “Hip Hop Hippo” rap will let children break out their hip-hop dance moves!

We’ll also learn dance steps inspired by both the Ewe people of West Africa and the Andean natives of South America, whose music we will sing and dance to with another Rhythm Kids song “La Vicuñita.”


Rhythm Kids® Class Policy