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Ages 4-8



Join the fun in Outdoor Rhythm Kids® classes this fall!



Kids ages 4-8 will love experiencing the Kangaroo Song Collection this fall.


We’ll sing, dance, drum and learn about exciting Australian music and culture.


Class Time: Wednesdays, 4:00-4:30pm

September 7-November 6



Tuition: Prorated. Register below to request a quote for prorated tuition.



You Receive:

You’ll receive a songbook, the album of award-winning music, 9 weeks of classes, and bonus online content.




We meet in the front yard of 5200 Wolf Road, Western Springs.

Park in front of the house or in the parking lot of the Christian Reformed Church.



Bring Each Week:

  • Picnic blanket

  • Djembe drum

  • Songbook



Weather Policy:

If it is raining or the windchill is below 20 degrees, class will be moved to Zoom. If class is moved, you will get an email and text at least one hour before class starts.



On-Demand Online Content: 

Get access to our private website which contains a video library of Rhythm Kids classes and songs, music activites, photo gallery, and more!

Once you register, you will receive an email with the link to our exclusive website.



Unlimited Make-Ups:

Missed your class? You receive unlimited make-up classes as space allows in either virtual or outdoor Rhythm Kids classes. Fill out our online make-up class scheduler to select your date and time.



Djembe Required:

If you don’t already own one, please add a $40 djembe drum to your class registration. We will arrange a time for you to pick up your drum and materials before class starts or give it to you at your first outdoor class.



Optional Instrument Kit: 

Purchase an Instrument Kit for $10 when you sign up for class and receive 2 egg shakers, 1 pair of rhythm sticks, 1 scarf and 1 jingle bell.




If you have further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@mattixmusic.com or 708-638-3027. 

Start the musical fun right away!

Fill out our noncommittal registration form to request a quote for joining a class mid-way.

We will prorate tuition and then add you to the class roster whenever you are ready to begin!


Kangaroo Extension + Jingle Jam


Keep the fun going in November and December with five weeks of Rhythm Kids fun! We’ll continue with the Kangaroo Song Collection and add in holiday favorites in December.


Virtual: Because we need to protect our djembes from the cold, class will be held on Zoom as of November 11.


Ages: For children ages 4-8 and their caregivers.


Dates: November 11-December 16; No class Nov. 25


Class Time: Wednesdays, 4:00-4:30pm


Tuition: $80 per family


Drum required: Purchase a djembe from us or use some sort of hand drum at home.

Kangaroo Extension + Jingle Jam!

November 11-December 16


Jingle all the way with holiday favorites in virtual Rhythm Kids® classes!


Ages: For children ages 4-8 and their caregivers.


Dates: December 2, 9, 16


Class Time: Wednesdays, 4:00-4:30pm


Virtual: All classes held on Zoom


Drum required: Purchase a djembe from us or use some sort of hand drum at home.

Jingle Jam!

December 2, 9, 16

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