Studio Recitals 2021-2021 

Fall Recital – November 14, 2021

Location: Christian Reformed Church of Western Springs – 5140 Wolf Road, Western Springs, IL.

Masks required for all.

1:30-2:15 – Mattix Music Singers, Students of Ms. Brenna, Jo’s Footwork Guest Performance

2:30-3:15 – Suzuki Violin Group Classes, Students of Ms. Katie & Ms. Susan

3:30-4:15 – Students of Mr. Mike & Dr. Grace

4:30-5:15pm – Students of Dr. Grace & Mr. Octavio

5:30-6:15pm – Students of Mr. Octavio, Dr. Dan & Mr. Zen

Winter Recital – February 27, 2022

Spring Recital – May 22, 2022

What to Expect at an In-Person Recital


Please feel free to invite any friends or family to attend. Masks are required and we will also live stream the recitals on Zoom.

What Music to Pick:

You and your teacher will work together to pick one piece/skill to perform that your child has already learned and is easy for them. We want our students to be confident performers and the best way to ensure a fantastic performance experience is to choose a skill or piece of music that can be elevated and refined, rather than performing something learned very recently.

Music should be fully memorized and recital ready 3 weeks early.

My kid just started lessons – will they perform?

It’s likely your teacher will have your new beginner perform something very easy and basic at the recital, such as a student/teacher duet, perform a bow, hold up your box violin, or play one Middle C. We want our students to get started performing as soon as they can and the performance doesn’t have to be anything fancy. The earlier and often kids perform, the easier being in front of a crowd is for the rest of their life! However, if it is just too soon, consider attending a recital so your child can watch the other kids perform and learn what to expect for the next recital.

Practice Performing:

Help your child get ready by practicing their performance at home and for friends and family. Don’t forget to practice a bow before and after your piece!

Here are the basic steps:

1. Hello Bow

2. Red Light / Rest Position / Hands in your lap

3. Yellow Light / Ready Position / Hands on the piano in the right spot

4. Green Light / Perform your piece or skill

5. Red Light / Rest Position / Hands in your lap

6. Thank You Bow


What to Expect in a Virtual Recital

Student’s Name:

Please join the meeting under the recitalist’s name(s) so we all know who is who in your video frame. If you join under a different name, you can click on Participants, your video frame, then More, and select rename.



Remain muted until it is your student’s turn to perform. When it’s your turn, unmute yourself and go for it!


Sound Settings:

We want to sound the best we can, so use the settings from the graphic…


Speaker View vs. Gallery View:

In the beginning and end of the recital, we recommend trying Gallery View so you can see all your friends. Once the recital begins, switch to Speaker View to focus on the performer.


Program Order:

The host teacher will announce who is going next so we have one student performing and one ready to go. The program will be sent out ahead of time and also attached in our meeting. Families with more than one student will perform all their kids back-to-back. In the event of technology problems, we will skip you and come back at the end.



Students should practice their “hello bow” performance, then “thank you bow,” just like we usually do. Piano parents, position the camera so you don’t have to move it for the bows and playing at the piano.


Chat & Reactions:

Please feel free to use the Chat box or icons to encourage your fellow performers! It’s really fun to read comments and see high fives on your screens.