Piano Play

3’s, 4’s and Kindergarteners

Class enrollment is closed for now. Join us for new classes in Fall 2023!

Class Times:

    Tuesday 2:00-2:30

    Wednesday 2:00-2:30

    Thursday 5:00-5:30

    Friday 3:00-3:30

    Class Dates:

    Weekly September 12, 2022-May 25, 2023

    No class November 22-24, December 19-January 6, March 27-31


    Class Description:

    Try out piano with your friends! We’ll learn to play the piano, sing songs, play games, and have fun in groups of 4-5 children.

    Grand Avenue Preschoolers will be escorted upstairs during nap time for their class.

    Pianos and practicing at home are recommended but not required.


    Stay or Drop Off:

    Caregivers are encouraged to attend class so as to better assist children at home practicing, but you may drop off students at the classroom if you prefer. Children with learning or behavioral challenges should have a caregiver stay during class. Caregivers must drop off and pick up at our classrooms, not the main entrance to the building.


    Home Practice & Pianos:

    We recommend having a piano at home so your child can practice. If you don’t already have one, please let us assist you in getting a great instrument that fits your needs. If students get to practice between classes, they will get a lot more out of class and learn the material much quicker. Acoustic pianos are greatly preferred over keyboards. We’re happy to work within any budget to get you an instrument that you will enjoy playing and listening to. Just let us know you need assistance!



    $100 per month flat rate, automatically charged to your credit card on file.

    $25 enrollment fee your first month includes administrative fees and class materials.

    Students may make up unlimited absences as space allows.



    Mattix Music Studio – 2nd Floor of 4211 Grand Avenue, Western Springs