Class Times & Registration

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Piano Play

Piano Play classes are for beginners ages 5-8. Groups of students make friends and explore piano playing together in a weekly class.


Join a class anytime – we’ll prorate your first month and start a flat rate the following complete month.

Piano Play Duos: Two students for 30-minutes

Piano Play Trios: Three students for 45-minutes

Students will cycle through different stations in each class:

  • one-on-one time with a teacher

  • practice with headphones at a digital piano

  • worksheets and theory book

  • group games

If you don’t have a piano at home, let us know and we’ll help you get a great instrument your family will enjoy for years.

Piano Play classes run throughout the school year, from September through May. You’re automatically enrolled for the entire school year at the same class time unless you let us know you need to change times or submit a 30-day withdrawal.

While you’ll be assigned to the same class time each week, excused absences may be made up as long as there is room in other class times. Unexcused absences may not be made up. Please check our Studio Policy page for details.

Group lessons are a cost effective way to introduce your child to piano! 


$100 per month, automatically charged through ACH withdrawal

$50 annual enrollment fee charged your first month

If you don’t already have piano books, please add beginner piano books to your purchase, according to the student’s age.

Class Times & Registration

Click here to register for Piano Play

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